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What makes your product special?
How to reach your customers?
Which strategy suits you the most?
Fulfillment of sales targets!
We provide the necessary systems:
e-stores Presta, Magento, etc.
Service systems,
CRM, corporate websites
Social Media
Content Marketing
Creation, Publications in Media
Outdoor / Out-of-Home
Video Marketing
Multi-Channel Marketing
Call-center implementations
Storage, Warehouse, Shipping
Legal support
Poland: a fast growing marketplace
Use new market opportunities
We develop your successful brand entry strategy.

Be where your customers are! Entering a new market means facing new challenges. We know the market and give 100% support to our clients. Marketing activities that increase knowledge of your product generate LEADS, a demand that signals potential interest in the offer. We support you in all areas of marketing so that you can efficiently reach Your customers in Poland.

Customer relationships are crucial for the company’s success. We offer all the necessary prerequisites for professional customer service: call center, live chat, shipping service, warehouse, etc.

Do you want to exploit your full sales potential? Then speak to our marketing experts! Find out how to start your sale in Poland.

leads generated
grafhic creations
Social media campaigns, video productions, out-of-home campaigns, e-shops with online payment services
Win New Clients • B2B & B2C Growth
Analysis & strategy
ongoing optimization & effect
Each Client is a new story!

Gain new perspectives without expanding your own marketing department!

Digital Invest Poland is a Full-Service Marketing Agency. We implement comprehensive solutions. From the idea to real sale, all the time in cooperation with the customer. With us you can reach the people who are really interested in your products. Here you will find out how to arouse interest among your target group.

Flexibility is the key on the way to new ideas, concepts, solutions. As always, we are looking forward to a meeting to discuss the needs and the practical implementation of marketing strategies.

social media campaigns

Diversified goals: building ranges, generating leads, brand awereness

Websites and e-shops

Implementation of Presta, Magento, etc.
Integration of local payment methods. Ongoing support

what customers will read about your company

Creating online and offline publications, contacts with the media and publishers. Activities that affect SEO

influencer marketing
acquiring opinion leaders

Endorsements and product placements from influencers. Exoand reach based on recommendations and opinions. Cooperation with trend-setters, creating the company’s image.

video marketing
commercial movie production

Advertising films, unboxing, video relations. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and WWW formats

Performance marketing
Multi channel

Focus on effects. CPC, CPM, CPO, CPL campaigns

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Our Clients
One of the largest telecommunications operators in Poland
Completed activities: Optimization of the e-commerce module, reconstruction of the transaction module for clients, completed with a multiple increase in conversion
A Swiss manufacturer of medical equipment used in dental, medical, cosmetic and podological surgeries
Completed activities: building visibility, e-shop with local & global transaction modules, websitedesign, all social media activities, online campaigns, videoproduction, european market campaigns
Manufacturer of ventilation components with factories in Europe, USA and Dubai
Completed activities 360 ° marketing activities, overall campaigns, videoproduction, building brand awerness
The largest producer of air handling units in Poland and one of the largest in Europe
Completed activities: Arranging the e-commerce channel development strategy on the German market
A prestigious resort and golf club with an area of 100 ha
Completed activities: redirecting sales activities to the online channel, targeting the Scandinavian region, comprehensive campaigns, lead generation, brand management, UX website
A luxury real estate and luxury homes in the Gdańsk area.
Completed activities: Coordination of marketing activities, campaigns, lead generation, social media, UX website